Friday, 17 August 2012

She's always buzzing just like Neon, neon

Yes I did just quote John Mayer in the title...what can I say he's become my guilty pleasure ever since he became such a womaniser. Apparently he's now grown his hair long and got with Katy Perry - she definitely has a type.
ANYWAY, so I bought these shoes today in H&M and I'm in looove, I've always appreciated the neon trends but never really bought into it, I find some neon pieces way too much even for me (and I do wear the odd crazy item every now and again...ahem zebraprintharemtrousers ahem. The dress is the same topshop jersey one from the last post as is the New Look necklace but I couldn't resist matching the necklace to the shoes and the dress is such a good basic piece when you want the other things in the outfit to take the spotlight. The cream blazer I've had for years now and that's also from H&M. I'm a big blazer fan and get nearly all my blazers from there..
I'm thinking of writing posts on this blog on my other fashion interest primarily models and things I want...haha. Good idea? I've always had a big interest in the model industry and have always thought about possibly wanting to go into model booking/scouting as a career path. But we'll see what happens once I graduate! Thanks for reading and feel free to follow please!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Walking advertisement

So when I got ready to meet a friend for a drink last night I didn't realise till I was ready to get up and go that I seemed to be a walking advertisement for Topshop. Whoops. I am (obviously) a big fan of Topshop and usually I'm not a fan of wearing one label head to toe but...I was in a hurry. Even the bag is Topshop, I don't think you can see it in the pictures but I matched the mint of my bag to my mint socks. I know as summer leaves the pastel trend probably will too (I'm preparing myself to embrace those autumn maroons and greens) but I've loved the pastel look and do love the pieces I have. I also love how the leather trend this a/w, I bought this white leather jacket recently and I plan on wearing my black Asos one in a blog post soon, cause thats my real pride and joy baby (don't tell the white jacket I told you that). Thanks for reading guys! x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Flowers and Lobsters

Today I went to soak up some final Olympic atmosphere by heading to meet my mum in Hyde Park where she was volunteering as a London Ambassador.
We then went to an amazing lobster restaurant in Mayfair - Burger & Lobster - so yummy. They brought out the 6lb lobster alive for us to see though, I had to look away, seeing my meat alive before I eat it does not sit well with me...
I thought I'd embrace the summer with my floral shirt from LOVE. I'm a big fan of their website, the clothes are gorgeous, well made and there is a very low chance of me running into anyone else wearing the same thing! Their dresses are a personal favourite of mine and I hope to buy a few more when I figure out where I can where them too. Hopefully will have a ball or two coming up in the future...
Paired the shirt with my ASOS black suede boots which are getting slowly, verrry beaten up. I should probably be a bit nicer to them...
Hope you like the look!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cooling down

So today it was super hot here in London so me and my brother and sister went to the ponds in Hampstead Heath, totally natural ponds which the public can swim in, they're amazing.

I dunno bout you guys but I'm not a massive fan of summer style - let me explain-  I'm a huge fan of bare legs but when it comes to bare arms/shoulders/midriff, not so much. Currently I find dressing a lot more interesting when it involves a little more clothing (to put it basically). England has a great temperature majority of the year that you can vary clothing without finding yourself too hot or too cold (most of the time) and so when the mercury rises I get a bit stuck, and uninspired. 
But today I thought I'd crack out my Ark playsuit, Ark is a great shop which so far I've only ever seen in Leeds and Cambridge but there are none in London sadly! Its my go to shop for pretty basic pieces (tops, dresses and playsuits especially) where the experimentation is more with cut and basic patterns then the overkill that can occur with those pieces of clothing in other stores.
Here's their website definitely a goodun:
My denim jacket has become one of my favourite in my wardrobe! It was my brothers from Year 3 (that's when he was 7/8) from Gap, now that he's grown out of it I seem to have shimmied myself in! 

This is me and my brother and sister:

Welcome to Left My Style!


I'm Gaby, I'm 20 and live in London. I go to university in Leeds and created this blog as an artistic outlet for my interest in fashion. I wanted to create a bridge between my enjoyment of fashion and style in my own life through street style, shopping and magazines etc with the increasingly important media aspect of fashion through blogs and other forms of social media. So there you have it!

Now the introductions are over, I've been having a lot of fun watching the Olympics which are here in London. In one of our main parks (Hyde Park) theres a huge enclosure with big screens to watch the games on, a bunch of activites and performances by bands. I headed over there with my family today wearing this new white leather jacket I bought from Topshop yesterday (I've had a unhealthy obsession with buying a white blazer but when a friend brought to my attention the fact I have too many blazers I decided on this jacket) I love it. I also decided to embrace the peplum trend with this ruby top. 

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