Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mi primera post of the year!

That was such a half-arsed attempt at writing the whole title in spanish. My bad.
This is my first post of 2013, I really do hope that 2013 banishes the laziness from me and will mean many more posts to come!
So ASOS send you a 10% off code AND free Next Day Delivery for the whole of your birthday month, and I love it because it means I'm more inclined to get myself a birthday dress (its a treat, so that's reasonable and EVERYONE needs a birthday dress right?) and it means I can take aaages choosing because of the next day delivery! With my birthday this coming Friday I think I'm well on my way to choosing something. On another note, I really need some black sister keeps telling me to get some well priced, well fitted ones from New Look but Ashley Madekwe's blog Ring My Bell makes me want to go back to some good ol' Topshop Jamies.... I just don't know! Blogs make me so torn! Any ideas guys?

This dress was my Christmas dress, I actually posted a picture of it from the ASOS website on my post about swing dresses (Here if you want to check it out) Its a tad too big, I wish I'd got it smaller but besides that its a gorgeous shape and moves nicely when you walk. The colour is also really beautiful and royal and the lace makes it so elegant and gorgeous. The shoes I'm wearing I also have mentioned before in the link posted above, they're Topshop Chelsea boots, they provide height while also giving me enough comfort to walk for miles in them. Sorted.

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