Friday, 28 December 2012

Soulmaz Vosough

So I recently read an interview in Topshop's Inside-Out with Soulmaz Vosough and Sarah Haymes, Head of Personal Shopping and Personal Shopping Manager at the London flagship store, respectably. Not only was the interview really good (you can find it here: but I ended up developing the biggest girl style crush on Soulmaz. 
I love her bare legs and collection of leather boots and shes definitely my hairspiration. I find her quite the epitome of the high end of high street fashion. Topshop...Zara, clothes that are cityish, clean cut and dark....definitely what I look for in a wardrobe plus she is in possession of my (current) dream job.

Source: Inside Out Topshop
That's Sarah Haymes on the left and Soulmaz Vosough on the right. 

(Vogue Japan)
(Michigan Ave Magazine)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Robins and Karl Marx

So today me and the fam went on our usual Sunday morning Hampstead Heath walk. Thought I'd dress up a bit because we were planning on visiting Mr Karl Marx himself. He's buried at Highgate Cemetery and as I've got a uni assignment on him I thought I'd go and ask the man himself for some help! 

What do you guys think of my Christmas jumper? It's so cute! It's from Topshop and was one of the last five, christmas jumpers have clearly been a high street hit this year! I'm also wearing my new hat from H&M, and borrowed my mama's green Hunter wellies. The skirt is actually a jersey Topshop dress, the army jacket is from Camden Market and the scarf is from South America and just about the softest scarf I've ever come across.

Workers Of All Lands Unite! /endcommunistgaby

 Hope you like the cheesy family photo, although there is a noticeably absent mama! We're going to have to coax her on one of our walks soon, Hampstead Heath is amazing throughout all the seasons.

It's alive! It's alive!

Ah god, I've been terrible with my blogging. I could say that it's because I've been working away at university and the bad weather stops me from taking photos but I think I'd only be kidding myself! I've been lazy okay?! Anyway, this lovely little filler post is an update as to what I've been up to and to tell you all about the lovely things I've discovered.

So, I'm going to start with the excitement that issssss:

In October my photo was featured on the MSN homepage!
(Source: Prity Patel-Kanjia)
This was because I'm a big fan of the website, a website where you just upload photos of what you're wearing today. Poppy Dinsey, the founder of WIWT has an Editor's Choice section of their favourite outfits and not only was I featured on thaaat but Poppy also writes for the MSN women's section and was lovely enough to feature me in it! Was definitely the coolest thing.

Right, now I want to talk to you about my new obsession.
The Anti-Silhouette Dress
I'm currently in love with dresses that lack structure and just fall in a certain way, especially swing dresses.
If I could find an easy £180.57 (to be fair it was £361.15) I'd buy this gorgeous DKNY Cape Tunic.
Though I'd style it differently to the model above (hair down and a smile, for example) I think the cape style and skinny legs/baggier top half silhouette is gorgeous. 
The swing dresses at ASOS are great too. Here are a few of my favourite: 

And then there's this one I actually ended up buying (though I wish I could have them all) for Christmas Day:
The colour is absolutely gorgeous and the lace gives a feminine edge that can be slightly lost with the bagginess of the dress.

 I'm also expecting these lovely chelsea boots for Christmas, I think they'll look great with all the new swing dresses I'll eventually buy, what have you guys asked for?

Right, theres a mini update. I've got a outfit post coming soon too.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tigers in Leeds

So, I've been cheeky and have been abandoning my blog. Prioritising my move back to the bright lights of Leeds. I'm back at university for second year and am loving my new 10 bedroom house with my 9 closest uni galfriends. Not happy about the fact I have to leave Oxford Street and the other amazing shopping areas in London but Leeds is not too bad for shopping and I'm happy that I can come back and party like a freshaaar (that's the term for newbies to uni for all those that don't know). 
Here's a little story about this outfit, I'd fallen in love with the Christopher Kane style Tiger Face Skater dress from Topshop (pictured under my outfit photos for ease of comparison) but unfortunately it was sold out for quite a while both online and in the flagship store (though it's back in stock now) . So I thought I was done with it until I got back to Leeds and went for a stroll through Kirkgate Market, it was here I came across this knock off version I'm wearing in the photos for half the price! I've never been more happy in life (okay, that may be a overstatement) and immediately bought it. Such a good buy! Here its worn with my Gap (from the 90's) denim jacket and my Office white plimsoll flatforms which got so muddy from Warehouse Project, an amazing night I went to last week in Manchester.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Vogue's Fashion's Night Out

So last week Thursday I went into Central London to experience for the second time Vogue's Fashion's Night Out, oh how it's changed and developed since 2 years ago when I went and just enjoyed some free champagne in designer shops. This year, the whole of Bond Street was closed and there was so much more free alcohol, food and activity! Me and Jessie (pictured in a lovely pink jacket which matched mine) started out at House of Fraser where we went on a treasure hunt to find coconuts hidden on each floor with a number on and then you'd get a prize which went with the number you found, it was sadly only one per person so me and Jess had to give away the extra coconuts we found but we did end up winning some Clarins moisturiser and body scrub and a gorgeous brown Nails Inc varnish. We then went up Bond Street getting out free drinks with my sister Jennifer and I was very excited to come across and talk to Jameela Jamil who was djing at Longchamp. She looks amazing and as a fan of her style and Company column, I was so excited to chat to her as well as get a picture with her. We also managed to see a band at Anthropologie on Regent Street who's name escapes me and I can't seem to find it via google and they were actually very good so that's sad, they happily photobombed one of the my photos below though haha. 
Anyway, below was my outfit I wore (if you're an eagle eye I actually was wearing a light pink blazer from Forever 21 but I wanted to show off my H&M hot pink blazer for the outfit pictures), my Love wrap dress in black and my Ted Baker heels I got as a present from my parents. 

Totally met Hugo and Natalie from Made in Chelsea as well, long enough to ask for this cute couple photo.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hang on little tomato

This is my new tomato dress, its from Parisian, a label that is sold in New Look and I just think its the most gorgeous little dress. I paired it with my black ASOS leather jacket which was a going away to university present from my parents. The Gap leather boots I've had for a few years now, they're so comfortable and I thought the (this season) leather trend paired with the prettiness of the dress made a nice contrast. 
What's funny is the print is just a blatant copy of the S/S12 Dolce & Gabbana tomato dress (pictured below) and New Look have just gone and transferred it to high street. I happened to read an interesting Company article (Aug 2012 issue: Deja Shoe) about the increasing copies of designer patterns or clothing that is hitting the high street. It discusses how in the past there was clear distinction between high street and designer, this was due to the wait period where high street has to wait six months to see collections in store however with the increase of social media and networking it is a lot easier to see (and then copy) designer clothes. It's crazy how we live in such a consumerist society that not only are high street chains cashing in on providing designer lookalikes that are affordable to the masses but consumers are happy to pay for these clothes for the social acceptance that they look like they're in a designer dress. It's a hard situation to look at especially for someone like me who can really appreciate designer clothes but can in no way afford as many as I'd like. However, whether it's a Dolce copy or not, I just love the fact that I can happily walk around town feeling a on top of the world with vegetables all over my dress. ;)

Source: Jaima Company

Here was my inspiration for the title of this post by the way. Its a great song.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Pink Moon

I bought this nude/pinkish jacket from Forever 21 a few days ago, having sworn off from buying jackets and blazers I seem to have relapsed. Now I know how Eminem felt after he went back to taking Vicodin and Valium and those other painkillers he was taking after years of drug abuse. "Rap was my drug...Then I had to resort to other things to make me feel that. Now rap's getting my high again." I totally know how he feels, me and Eminem really have a personal connection. Ahem, totally. 
Anyway, I bought the H&M floral headband before I went to Beachbreak Festival at the beginning of the summer and I happily embraced it during though haven't had the chance to wear it since. So I thought I'd go crazy on the pink while the sun is shining and pair it with my H&M crochet shorts. 
Last night I went to Vogue's Fashion's Night Out, it was actually amazing and me and Jameela Jamil are totally best friends (in my dreams). I took quite a few pictures and will write about it in more detail as well s show you what I wore in my next post.
All this pink has just led to me searching for the Pretty In Pink soundtrack in iTunes...I forgot how great some 80s soundtracks are. 
And while I was tempted to put Pretty in Pink as the title of this post I thought I'd go with one of my favourite artists Nick Drake and his related song Pink Moon, if you haven't listened go do it, he's amazing.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ping Pong and Volleyball

I've been enjoying myself with the Paralympic Games for the past few days, on Friday I went to the ExCel centre to see a friend from university, Kim Daybell who qualified for the Paralympics play in the Class 10 Men's Table Tennis match. It was actually fantastic, not only cause he played so well but because the excitement that you get when you're into a match of anything is nothing compared to the excitment when you actually know someone playing in a tournament like the Paralympics! I then went again today to watch more Table Tennis and a bit of Sitting Volleyball, I've found the Olympics and Paralympics so amazing in London, will be sad to see the atmosphere die down.
Right, on to the clothes. I wore my new Love Petrol Wrap dress, which fits lovely, its a bit open at the front so had to secure it with a safety pin and occasionally there's risk of flashing people due to its short length but besides that the material is so soft, its a gorgeous colour (I also got it in black) and it goes so nicely as a day dress, which today I dressed down with my cream H&M blazer and Converse but it would also go so nicely with heels. I think I'll wear my black version with heels next. I absolutely adore the Love brand, and really need to purchase some more...I think I'm going to be an even poorer second year student but for the sake of these gorgeous clothes, I don't entireeeelllyy mind. 

Cheeky last picture with the ol' geek chic glasses. 

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