Friday, 7 September 2012

Pink Moon

I bought this nude/pinkish jacket from Forever 21 a few days ago, having sworn off from buying jackets and blazers I seem to have relapsed. Now I know how Eminem felt after he went back to taking Vicodin and Valium and those other painkillers he was taking after years of drug abuse. "Rap was my drug...Then I had to resort to other things to make me feel that. Now rap's getting my high again." I totally know how he feels, me and Eminem really have a personal connection. Ahem, totally. 
Anyway, I bought the H&M floral headband before I went to Beachbreak Festival at the beginning of the summer and I happily embraced it during though haven't had the chance to wear it since. So I thought I'd go crazy on the pink while the sun is shining and pair it with my H&M crochet shorts. 
Last night I went to Vogue's Fashion's Night Out, it was actually amazing and me and Jameela Jamil are totally best friends (in my dreams). I took quite a few pictures and will write about it in more detail as well s show you what I wore in my next post.
All this pink has just led to me searching for the Pretty In Pink soundtrack in iTunes...I forgot how great some 80s soundtracks are. 
And while I was tempted to put Pretty in Pink as the title of this post I thought I'd go with one of my favourite artists Nick Drake and his related song Pink Moon, if you haven't listened go do it, he's amazing.

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