Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Walking advertisement

So when I got ready to meet a friend for a drink last night I didn't realise till I was ready to get up and go that I seemed to be a walking advertisement for Topshop. Whoops. I am (obviously) a big fan of Topshop and usually I'm not a fan of wearing one label head to toe but...I was in a hurry. Even the bag is Topshop, I don't think you can see it in the pictures but I matched the mint of my bag to my mint socks. I know as summer leaves the pastel trend probably will too (I'm preparing myself to embrace those autumn maroons and greens) but I've loved the pastel look and do love the pieces I have. I also love how the leather trend this a/w, I bought this white leather jacket recently and I plan on wearing my black Asos one in a blog post soon, cause thats my real pride and joy baby (don't tell the white jacket I told you that). Thanks for reading guys! x

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