Saturday, 11 August 2012

Welcome to Left My Style!


I'm Gaby, I'm 20 and live in London. I go to university in Leeds and created this blog as an artistic outlet for my interest in fashion. I wanted to create a bridge between my enjoyment of fashion and style in my own life through street style, shopping and magazines etc with the increasingly important media aspect of fashion through blogs and other forms of social media. So there you have it!

Now the introductions are over, I've been having a lot of fun watching the Olympics which are here in London. In one of our main parks (Hyde Park) theres a huge enclosure with big screens to watch the games on, a bunch of activites and performances by bands. I headed over there with my family today wearing this new white leather jacket I bought from Topshop yesterday (I've had a unhealthy obsession with buying a white blazer but when a friend brought to my attention the fact I have too many blazers I decided on this jacket) I love it. I also decided to embrace the peplum trend with this ruby top. 

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