Friday, 17 August 2012

She's always buzzing just like Neon, neon

Yes I did just quote John Mayer in the title...what can I say he's become my guilty pleasure ever since he became such a womaniser. Apparently he's now grown his hair long and got with Katy Perry - she definitely has a type.
ANYWAY, so I bought these shoes today in H&M and I'm in looove, I've always appreciated the neon trends but never really bought into it, I find some neon pieces way too much even for me (and I do wear the odd crazy item every now and again...ahem zebraprintharemtrousers ahem. The dress is the same topshop jersey one from the last post as is the New Look necklace but I couldn't resist matching the necklace to the shoes and the dress is such a good basic piece when you want the other things in the outfit to take the spotlight. The cream blazer I've had for years now and that's also from H&M. I'm a big blazer fan and get nearly all my blazers from there..
I'm thinking of writing posts on this blog on my other fashion interest primarily models and things I want...haha. Good idea? I've always had a big interest in the model industry and have always thought about possibly wanting to go into model booking/scouting as a career path. But we'll see what happens once I graduate! Thanks for reading and feel free to follow please!

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